Saturday, October 18, 2014

Divine Love

Salaam, Sayyid Mawlana Shaykh Nazim An Naqshbandi's Classic Sobah on Divine Love
Divine love gives real life. They are coming on the Day of Resurrection with this body, but mostly people are going to be dust, finished. There is only one small cell at the back side of the body that is protected by angels. Even if the body falls in acid or is burned, that cell will be protected. And from that cell will come a new beginning, just how a body comes through the womb of the mother from one cell. And when Qiyamah, the Day of Judgment comes, this world will be empty for forty days; there will be no life of any kind, finished! There will only be rocks and earth, no plants, no animals, no Mankind, no living creature whatsoever! Only Earth will appear as a vast plain. Entire mountains will be changed by huge and terrible earthquakes, making everything like sand. Grandshaykh (q) said, "You will not be able to find a stone even the size of this fist. All will be like sand. If a person looks from east to west, they will see no mountains, nothing. Those forty years will be empty."
Then there will come a rain. There is an ocean under the Divine Throne; its water will rain on Earth. It is the water of men. It will be raining continuously and reaching underground 70 yards. It will come down and the Earth will be drinking and drinking. Then those cells will open with that rain. And our bodies, instead of coming through the womb of mothers, from underground, Allah Almighty will create our bodies once again. But those people who are alive with Divine Love, no need! Their same bodies will appear on qiyamah, the Day of Resurrection, as they have been honored. They will come like suns shining, coming. They will be known through those lights. And they are awliyaa (saints) and anbiyaa (prophets), all of them will be known. Others are taking noor, lights from them. Everyone is reaching them, or one of them; they are like magnets. Every prophet and saint is carrying their ummah or carrying their followers. All Grandshaykhs have that; people running after them to reach to those lights.
Therefore, the most important mission of prophets is to give Divine Love. When divine love comes, they will be happy to fulfill any order. They will be happy! Orders are never going to be a burden on them. Who loves, never feels a difficulty when he has been ordered by his Beloved one. When a person is in love with their Lord and with the Lord's beloved servant, Sayyidina Muhammad (s), they are happy and are in enjoyment with the Lord's orders.
Al Fatiha

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