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Story of Saint Barnabus- Sunday, July 19, 2009/Lefke Cyprus > Transcript Story of Saint Barnabas
Mawlana Shaykh Nazim Adil Al-Haqqani Sultanul Awliya | Sunday, Jul 19, 2009 | Lefke CY
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I am zero, I am zero on left side, no value. But Lord of Heavens asking to make zero to do something, (and) He may put behind 1, a zero, millions zero, (and it is of) no value. Behind 1, zero has no value. But in front of 1, zero gives something, it is a value. One zero is ten, two zero's is hundred, three zero's is thousand, four zeros is ten thousand, five zero's is hundred thousand!

Try to be zero, and let be in the hand of the Almighty, so majestic! Let yourself in the hands of Majestic One, Almighty One—He gives you value! And if you try and find a way, and try and be a valuable thing, it is impossible, you are going to be zero's. If you giving yourself to your Creator, the Lord of Creation, it gives you value.
They are trying to be something now, without coming to One, to approach to that One whom most Closest One! Keep your chance with that One to reach to Absolute Essence of the Lord of Heavens.
Right hand, right one. The Lord of Manifestation, the Lord of Existence, you must b e one on the right hand, the right hand means you must be a right one. If you are not a right one, impossible for you to approach the Divinely Presence. Perhaps that one going to be in the presence of most dangerous enemy of Mankind, Shaytan.
(Member of Italian Parliament, Signor Marcello, enters and is greeted by Mawlana Shaykh, and sits next to him.)
Of people, be right, therefore, be right and you may just give honor to us about this humble association, just coming respected servant of our Lord, coming for a visiting to our very humble association. Yes it is humble, humbleness is most involved number one characteristic from whole prophets.
No any prophet going to be proud ones, because they are knowing something from Almighty Allah, something making them to be humble, and humbleness is highest honor for Mankind! Prophets they were humble ones.
Proud ones in the Divinely Presence he said, “Ya Allah! You are wrong (astaghfirullah) because you created Adam and told me to make sajda to him, why? If you are ordering it was suitable to say for you to go to me.” Shaytan, very proud one. “Why you are saying to do to Adam? Who is Adam? At my level, he can’t reach to me! How you are ordering?”
That is Shaytan’s way, making Allah Almighty … unacceptable.
That is wrong. But Shaytan was representing crime of whole creation—he was proud. And whole prophets are representing humbleness. Who is humble, the Lord of Heavens is raising him up, who is continuing to be proud, is making his level to be downstairs, deepest point for proud people.
Glory for the Lord of Heavens, now we are big, living in a time that everyone is asking to be something that may dress something from pride, it is wrong. While prophets coming for teaching people how they should be servants, if you are not understanding that you are a servant, it means you understanding nothing!