Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Do You Need a Rocket to Reach Mars? / Mawlana Shaykh Nazim Adil Al-Haqqani Sultanul Awliya - Sohba/Discourse

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Do You Need a Rocket to Reach Mars? / Mawlana Shaykh Nazim Adil Al-Haqqani Sultanul Awliya - Sohba/Discourse

Subha given on 11-29-2011-Cyprus

Temporary life on this dunya. Permanent life is eternal life, never ending

This is first lesson Prophet is saying to people, O ppl you are here for a temporary

time. And after this going to be eternal life, come accept what heavenly orders are coming

keep it for being

everlife never ending. Dont run after this dunya, this life never going on, it is ending. First lesson

laailaha illallah Sayyidina Muhammad rasulullah. But Shaytan making ppl to run after dunya and dunya is temporary, ending

No one is teaching thru east and west from north to south, Islamic world and non-Muslim world they are never teaching thru their schools

to students youngsters, first you must say lailaha ilAllah. First lesson you must learn that we have been created by Holy Command of Allah Almighty an

and we have been settled on this planet never teaching even Islamic world to say "O ppl this is a temporary life on this planet."

Ev ery moment getting to be reaching to a silence, everything going but finally it is going to stop.

This is a planet that we are on it, mashaaAllah they are running American ppl I may say no-mind ppl they are making so many

ajaaib, astonishing and they are running after such things taht have no meaning. They are showing

they are asking to go to Mars, for what? What is there ?

Is thi s world not enoght for you? And u are seeing that is a desert for what going there

They are saying also for that planet that we are sending up 5 billion dollars. Finished! Nothing!

One hour through their rooms they are getting and saying if it is closed on them their doors, for one hour they are saying

OOO how i can get out? How they are going up for Mars? First of all ask, who is putting Mars up there? Before you are going there

learn that Mars was not there by itself. Why are you not asking who put this there?

YOu must learn that one then u must ask please, who is putting this Mars in this orbit, O the Creator of this Mars, we are asking permission to go up

and look at that. PPl are drunk

We put American flag on there. One angel making like this it falls down. Allahu Akba

PPl lost their intelligence. Ha....first when you were not born i know in Damascus newpaper saying this rocket just reached to qamar, moon. Allahu Akb

ar, for what? PPl saying ppl are going to Mars. I am asking did they come back? They said yes coming back. Wha t did they bring?

Donkeys dirtiness (laughter) and they were thinking they were bringing golden. It was very surprising, we are not seeing any donkey there. O there is

another one up (high)..

How many times it took?


ok now

Coming and asking to me also. Silly people. How they are were living there? How they are getting out?

The Lord of Heavens asking to show you something. Why they are not going when they are coming out they are not running to Pope or Rabbi

For what? How it can be. I don't know. LIke this ppl 33 people (mineers) they cant live for 33 meters. The Lord o f Heavens showing somthing. No dont

your ppl why sending your ppl under the mountain. No we are waiting for a shaykh to bring them outside, free.

People now they are drunk. They are not knowing about such a thing, they are wasting their energy their capacity adn they are losing everthing. What i

is going to happen there (Mars). What will they bring?

(If the order comes He may turn the rocket)

Astagfirullah, they are not thinking about capacity power of Man. They may go without using that rocket!

So easy. May Allah forgive us. Astagfirullah.

Wa min Allahi tawfeeq...dua...

Welcome your highness, ahlan wa sahlan. Yafal mayashaa, Allah jalajallaluh. Don't ask anything. Leave what He is Granting to you.


and after this going to be eternal life

come accept wat heavenly orders coming and keep it

for eternal life

evre ending

dont run after dunya this life never going to be endlesss it will end

first lesson La illaha illallah

but shaytan making ppl to run after dunya

and dunya is temporary

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