Saturday, May 15, 2010

Heavenly Lights- May 15/2010

Heavenly addressing never going to be wasted. Even if our physical being is not attending, it does not matter. These Heavenly Blessings must reach to everyone's Heavenly Bieng!
Even if we are not paying attention, the souls are taking thier Heavenly shares; but physical bieng not takling care! Mawlana Says- Doesn't matter, still whom they are taking from Heavenly Blessings, they are fine!
Thier bodies never going to be carcass. For those not listening, it is going to be difficult.
As you like! Still heavenly Blessings coming, and never ending!
Therefore, on The Day of Resurrection, those who are listening, they should be like shining Sun, some of them coming like moon in light, some of them coming like lightening stars, some of them coming and thier lights going to be like small stars. So many millions stars through space, but we can't see them. They are so far away. And people they are now on earth, and they are so far away from Prophets' Lights.
They should be near them, but no lLights for them. They should be like dark carbons.