Saturday, December 18, 2010

Leave bad characteristics and come to good characteristics

Mawlana Says-
Assalaamu Alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh!
Ya RijalAllah! please reach to your servants, give your Heavenly attention and support.
O our Master, Sultan ul awliya, we are asking humbly, your support for speaking and you are responsible for making listeners to understand something.
The Lord of Heavens- O my servant, servant hood is the highest Honor that may reach anyone on this planet or everywhere. No any other honor, you can imagine, to be accepted as aservant. To be said through Divinely Presence, O My servant.
If our Lord saying, O My Servant, what you are asking?
O foolish ones, O ulamas also what you are asking from your Lord, through this life, that is very short time, very short being on this planet. What you are asking? Must be foolish, who are running to reach some honor through this life.You are living now today, to-morrow they should say, that one just passed away, to an unknown territory. We are taking that dead body and burrying in the earth. Beyond that we are knowing nithing. We only know that heavenly ones belong to Lord of Heavens.We are hearing something, but not seeing.
Therefore, we are saying , you may say different meanings for mankind. Dunia is long life, beyond that life another being, because we are not knowing, how we have been found on this planet. How we came. . That is our beginning going to be one-self, we do not know anythiong. And then we are developing , something, never remembering.

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