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some excerpts of Mawlana's Subha taken from 'Sufilive' trandscriber page-

A`oodhu billahi min ash-Shaytaani 'r-rajeem. Bismillahi 'r-Rahmaani 'r-Raheem.
saahib az zamaan qutbu az zamaan .... ija'alna.. ihim. And we are saying a'oodhu billahi... O our Lord, we are asking protection. One of your servants

 it is enough for protecting your weak servants. You know, O Salafi 'ulamad, balk, lightening, coming like this? It is only one angel's glorifying.

When he is opening his mouth for glorifying, that angel, that ... , his teeth coming such a lightening, that power if going to reach from east to west , it may take them away, all of them. And therefore, one angel's glorifying, if opening to all the world's people, they should fall down, all of them.

wa yusabbihu r-ra'du bihamdih, wa l-malaa-ikatu bi khawfih

 Bismillah hir Rahman ir Raheem! Oceans, oceans. Allah Allah. All of them unknown oceans. What we are knowing, it is going to be as an atom in a huge ocean.

 Thunder glorify Him and praise him, and the angels out of awed fear .

 We are knowing nothing. O people, fear Allah. We must keep in our hearts. O our attenders, marhaban. Marhaban. Come and attend that a heavenly declaration is coming through weakest servant.

But if Allah Almighty is ordering, even one ant is making all people to fear, trembling. He is Lord of
Heavens, (stands) Allah Almighty. Stand up billion times, trillion times. Stand up for the Lord of Heavens! We are asking that for ourselves. (sits)

Asta'eedu billah = I am asking for Allah's support

 Everyone is now looking in a mirror, we may say miraculous mirror, that is showing an atom like a big globe like this dunya. People are running to that mirror. They are not asking about their real personalities. Always they are asking something that is deceiving who is looking in that mirror.

 Saying, "The whole universe is so small, we are such big ones." They like it. That is Shaytan's trick. Trick. What? And we are not running after a  reality. This world and everything on it is an imaginary being, the whole world. And in it is imagination. In a second or less, it is opening and closing, it is finished. O People, try to learn. As-salaamu 'alaykum, our attenders. Don't be heedless. No. Try to be good understanding ones.
 Our physical being is so small. Subhaan Allah! All Glory to our Lord, that He granted to us an understanding that this huge universe is going to be  small in front of our understanding. Marhaban, Salafi 'ulamas. (chuckles) I am bombarding your useless fortress. Understanding that we have been

'ajaa'ib? = Wonders

granted is bigger than this world. arabic... world. Because, O 'ulamas, what is the first pillar of iman? Say! What is the first pillar, o Salafi

Aamantu Billah = I believe in Allah

 'ulamas? Say, ... amantu billah. If the heavens granted that understanding, it is impossible to say amantu billah. If understanding, how to say amantu billah. That means that we have been granted such a big understanding, I am created.. such a Creation and universes. Therefore, the biggest grant from Allah Almighty to ourselves is understanding.

Yes? Say to people and try to understand. You must try to open khazainun faham??

Khazaa'nu l-fahm = the treasure troves of understanding; the ability to understand we were granted on the day of promises.

Alastu birabbikum = Am I not Your Lord?

that we were granted on the Day of Promises. Are you believing that, "I am your Lord." If not understanding, how are we saying balaq?

Balaa = Indeed you are (our Lord, our Rabb)

 O 'ulamas! O Azhari shareef and who are claiming, "We are Salafi ulamas," what did you learn from salafi ulamas? Say so we can hear, did you learn tha
we have to /// if i am asitting here for 1000 yrs, neverending knowledge. Neverending knowledge needs understanding. Allahu Akbar (stands) allahu akba

Qaalat namlatun = An ant said

 r... areabic (sits) If an ant is granted understanding and saying.. arabic.. If an ant is not granted understanding, how was it warning all ants and saying, aqqlat namlatun.. arabic.. kinakum.. .arabic. How was ant granted an understanding, that small ant? Finally it is going to be the Day of Ressurection and coming holy order, coming your mission just finished. Come back, come back through oceans, endless oceans disappearing

 Ya ayyuha n-naml udkhuluu massakinakum = o ants, enter your homes fearing lest Suleiman and his army might crush you and they are coming in it. From where they are coming, entering and finishing. Their limit for being in existence is up to there. Holy command saying,

(Translation by Shaykh Taher :- Qaalat namlatun, ya ayyuhan-naml adkhaloo masaainakum la yahtmanakum sulayman wa junoodahu wa hum laa yash`uroon
 "Get back to ground that you are coming. Your mission is just finished. You appeared, now go and be disappeared oceans, finished.")

But Man, kitaab,  heavenly addressing from the Lord of Heavens, if you are not given grant of understanding, how are they going to say Arabic... Allahu Akbar, o ppl, we are knowing nothing! 2x Ask for understanding, ask for your limit from understanding, and as the Lord of Heavens is granting to mu'meens, unexpected dominions are .. wa hum laa yash'urun = without even being aware of doing so (Suleiman's armies crushing ants)

Ruuh = soul

opening, and no limits for it. Granted to our ruh, our souls, our real beings. O Salafi 'ulamas, we have been granted a real being.

 Don't think that our real being on this planet and our real being that we dressed as a man and is appearing on this planet. No. We have been granted

 hawiyyah = heavenly identity

 hawiyya, heavenly identity. We have heavenly identity. Try to understand your heavenly identity, hawiyyah. Therefore, those glorified servants are

 Mufrad = singular

 saying that the Day of Promises, the Lord of Heavens is just calling to everyone that addressing ... rabbikum. And in ... singular, alastu ana rabbak

Alastu ana rabbak = am I not your (singular) your Rabb?

 anta Rabbee, anta hasbih, "O my Lord, I am Your servant, You created me." And heavenly addressing that day, the Day of Promises,their real being for understanding, He Almighty asks heavenly ones that their saints, awliya, they are saying the Lord of Heavens just addressed everyone there with seven different names to make an understanding in himself and in his Creator. Understanding? Understanding something o salafi ulamas? What is their understanding of the Day of Promises? Open it and say to ppl. say, and ppl may understand. But first you must understand, and you cannot reach to ppl who they are ... you understood that the Lord of Heavens saying, (stands) ... areabic... saaliheen. they have been granted (sits) understanding. They have been granted. If you are asking about yourself to understand about your real being, you must look to those ppl who have been granted t

 Ya ayyuha lladeen aamanuu ttaquu llaha wa kuunuu ma'a ssadiqeen+ O you who have believed, fear Allah and be with the true ones.

the secret of alastu ana rabbikum, are you accepting Me as your Lord? Ocean, oceans, therefore understanding biggest grant fo rMankind. What is your understanding of t his world? It should be opened for you, all this world's secrets. Because if you haven't been granted an understanding about Creation, how are you going to reach an undrstanding about the Lord of Heavens, the Creator of all Creation? Allah Allah,

Allah Allah, Allah Allah Azeez Allah. Allah Allah, Allah Allah Kareem Allah. Allah Allah Adheemallah. Allah Allah... Allah Allah Subhaan Allah. Allah

Allah Sultaan Allah. And going on. Going on. That is the glory that is granted to the Children of Adam. And for teaching the Children of Adam, just

 'Azeez Allah = Allah the Powerful; Kareem Allah= Allah the Generous; SubhanAllah = Glory be to Allah; Sultan Allah = Allah is Sultan

had been sent all the prophets. And all the prophets, they had been taken what they were given for understanding from the Seal of Prophets (stands) (s

 (sits) O our glorified Prophet, may Allah Almighty grant you much more, 3x. And don't say, "It is getting too big, too much, too much." Your capacity, what is your ability, is well known by your Creator, and is giving to you that. Never giving more, never giving less. ... , perfect. Measure of heavenly

 'Iyaar = measure (of heavenly balance)

 balance is just perfect over perfect. May Allah forgive me. O ppl, marhaban. Come and listen and try to understand. Don't try always for dunya and its useless pleasures. Its pleasures give you nothing. We are so important ones in Creation because we are deputies for the Lord of Heavens. And our deputies
 it is impossible to understand the real meaning of being the deputy of the Lord of Heavens. Leave this dunya and listen, and you will reach countless treasures

But we are asking damaged treasures, that if fire is coming on a diamond, it is burning and going to be coal. We are asking some heavenly jewels, that is coming on it that lightening appears on it, from heavens coming lights on that jewels and then coming back as a lightening, such a sun. Allahu Akba
r. (stansd) Allahu akbar wa lilahilhamd. SubhaanAllah... (sits) May Allah forgive us for the honor of Your most honored servants. Fatihah.

 (38) mashaaAllah (1052) 52. Today is Sunday.

'Ajaa'ib = wonders

. yaa Rabbee. Shaykh Effendi? (speaks w M Sh Hisham on phone)

(Sultan is laughing)

 Sheikh Hisham is telling the Sultan "... Sharraftanee = you have honored me"

Barakaatak... anta fatahta l-baab = your baraka; you opened the door"

Mawlana saying to Sheikh Hisham "You have opened the door!"

(Translated by Shaykh Taher : Mawlana: You opened this door, and we must walk, what should we do? MSH: the doors of fire were closed by you, the doors of wahabi and salafis close, that leaves only the door of paradise open )

 MSN said: This is your Barakah Shaykh Hisham, You opened this door and we are using it

 (Mawlana Shaykh prays two raka'at Salaat ash-Shukr)

This excerpt-Source- 'Sufilive',transcriber log.

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