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Are you of any value, in the Divine Presence? 4th Oct 2010

My own summary of Mawlana's Subha, taken from Sufilive Transcriber page.( Important points to remember)

Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah 'AzeezAllah

Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah KareemAllah

Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah QadeerAllah

Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah SubhaanAllah

Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah SultaanAllah

allahumma sali ... habeebika mustafa... akhireen. ameen wa ... wal mursaleen.. yawm id deen. (sits)

a'oodhu billahi min ash shaytan ir rajeem. We are running away from devils because they are calling people to evils. Devils calling people to evils and prophets, they are calling people from evils to good things. Shaytan is calling people to fall into hells, prophets calling people to Paradise. And we are saying Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem! (stands) by the Name of Allah Almighty and All Merciful, the Most Benificent and Most Munificent (sits) as salaamu alaykum o listeners. Give value to yourself. Who is valuable, you must ask and you must try to be from that valuable ones ... Yes.

Therefore, I am calling to Salafi 'ulamas. Marhaban! Marhaban. And we are saying marhaban. In Holy Qur'an Allah Almighty saying- (stands) the Day of Resurrection, some of servants, marhaban bikum.

And there is another group that angels saying to them, " la marhaban bikum." yes.

SubhaanAllah. Holy Qur'an oceans, oceans. All of them holy verses trying to marhaban bikum - welcome to you, laa marhaban bikum - no welcome to you. teach people something that that teaching giving to them a value. And some other holy verses are making clear for some people that they are not valuable. And, o our attenders, as you like. If you are going to be happy that you are going to be a valuable one, do it. If you are not taking care and you are saying, "It doesn't matter, leave those ones," you should be from the second group of Mankind, who should be of no value.

No value. So that, o our Salafi 'ulamas, make clear to your followers. they are not understanding, arabic.. they are not understanding bec no mind product for them and they are not understanding anything, Try to understand which things are making a person valuable and which things making a person of no value.

Subhaan Allah, glory for Allah Almighty. People in our days are never interested to know the value of the Children of Adam, which ones are valuable and which ones have no value. And prophets' first missions were to teach people who should be valuable and who should be of no value, beginning from Adam, (pbuh). His two sons, Habeel and Kabeel, what happened for two brother s. Holy Qur'an and all holy books including Holy Qur'an, are making clear for one, Habeel, second, Kabeel. Kabeel killed his brother and when he killed his brother, he was falling in a dirty place that value things Man putting. For example, WC, he was thrown there, no value. Valuable was Habeel (a) They are saying for him alayhi salaam, for Kabeel they are saying heavenly cursing on him.
O Salafi 'ulamas, nothing is coming through Holy Qur'an except for teaching people, the Children of Adam, who were valuable ones and who were of no value. They who are following Habeel are valuable ppl, who are following the dirty way of Kabeel, they are ppl of dirtiness, sewage channels, no value. First of all, Salafi 'ulamas, you must make this point to all ppl.
You may begin with mulook, from kings to sultans. You may reach to umarrah, you may reach to high-level ppl in their communities, high-level ppl. All of them some titles, that they are bringing it and using. Not coming from heavens, but they are giving those titles to each other as they like.
Salafi 'ulamas. You are making a distinction between yourself and common people. Say, you are valuable or common ppl are valuable? What is your balance for making who is valuable and who is not? Why are you not making it clear? why? Why are you not making it clear, al-Azhari sh-shareef 'ulamas? And president of Egypt, Husni Mubarak, why you are not making it clear Azhari sh Shareef ulamas,
reis-i cumhuriyye = president
... Husni Mubarak and Abdul Nassar. common one. Iranian ppl, which one, Shah of Iran, he is valuable or Ayatullah is valuable? Say. Asking ... people, what about yourself? Sultan is valuable or first president or second president, more valuable in Div Pres? say! (turkish) Don't cheat ppl! Speak truth
That is our honor! To say truth! They are thinking that we are giving value, ppl may give a person value. If millions of ppl are running after a person, don't think that is a valuable one; may be of no value. Saying this to other countries, if whole world making like this (applauds, claps) thinkng is valuable. .. but we are living in the time of tyrants, no value ones in Div Pres, They are never going to be addressed, "Marhaban bikum." Say, salafi ulamas, is true what we are speaking? Say! true, tyrants they are valuable, arabic? As the Seal of Prophets was saying, (stands) arabic... umaran... mulooki ... That is the Seal of Prophet's announcement for all nations. (sits)
(Shaykh Taher translation-: sa yaatee min ba`dee khulafaun wa min ba`d al-khulafaun wa min b`ad al-khulafa mulookan wa min ba`d al-mulook jabaabirah - there will come after me caliphs and after caliphs will come kings and after kings will come tyrants )

Allah Allah. Allah. Astaghfirullah. Or for hadeeth books, you, Salafi 'ulamas, you open Jameel sareef?? and see what is saying for Seal of Prophets, nabi. Who is nabi? that one is giving what is coming for future, that is informing ppl what is coming in ... ones. Sahaabah, they were anxious to know after the Seal of Prophets, ali. If he was saying.. sayyati ... khalifa ... but he mentioned raashideen. bi ayyihim... arabic... Anything wrong, Salafi 'ulamas? Say. Yes. And he was saying... akhirin badi mulookin... Taken
(Shaykh Taher translation-: sa yaatee min ba`dee khulafa, khulafa ar-raashideen, say abu bakr, say. umar, say. uthman, say ali. - after me coming are caliphs, the rightly guided caliphs Say. Abu Bakr, say.Umar say Uthman and say Ali from Ottoman's emperor, sultan, taken away, thrown from ... Egypts coming jabar .. ... coming to Iran jabarmirah, coming to Russia also, they are non Muslim ppl, they are coming after kings, coming to Prussia, to Germany jabbarmira, coming to France, to China, to .. coming to different countries.
(Shaykh Taher Translation-: If he was saying sayaatee min ba`dee khalifa la yabqa illa wahidatan. - If he was saying after me will come calipha, there would only have been one, but he said, caliphS.)
All of them, when they are throwing away their sultans, coming... mulook, everyone is sending away their kings, malook, no value for jababirah/??. Say, why notkeeping? Salafi ulams, is true, in Bosnia, in .. serbia, in .. greece, they are pushing away. only English ppl are keeping their kings and majestic Queen. Spain is under jababiyyah, everywhere. You must say and you must hear, "O our Lord, we did wrong. Forgive us." If not, they should be punished w a heavy punishment, And all sufferings of whole world after jababiyya, may Allah forgive us. And in particular, asking to Salafi 'ulamas, to whom should the angels say, "Marhaban bikum??" and to whom should be said "Marhaban bikum" Jababirrah, ... to them should be said, laa marhaban bikum." O our Lord, you promised to send to us someone to take away... jababirah... arabic... takaw. Try to learn what they are saying to me. ulqiyyah... to speak to you, to address to you. If you are happy, you will be here and Hereafter, happy ones. If you are unhappy, you will be here and Hereafter unhappy ones. May Allah forgive us for the sake of Prophet (stands) Muhammad (s) (sits) Fatihah.
(Shaykh Taher Translation- : wa min b`ad al-jabaabira sa yaatee rajulunmin ahli baytee yamla ardu qistan wa `adlan kama muliyyat dhulman wa joora. - there will come after tyrants a man from My Family, he will fill the earth with justice and balance as it was filled with darkness and oppression. )

(Shaykh Taher translation: yulqee fee rawa`atee - what they throw in my heart )
(Shaykh Taher-Translation : ghayri mukallaf - not responsible )

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