Sunday, August 1, 2010

Try to be a Falcon

Subha- 22nd July 2010
From My notes- according to my understanding. If there any mistakes may Allah (swt) forgive me. Ameen!!!

Mawlana Greets Qutbul Mutassarif and asks for His Holy support against shaytan.

We have a saying, maybe 100 crows, if 1 Falcon rushing on them, quickly they are disappearing.

Therefore believers, believe in Holy knowledge. It is a Grant from Allah Almighty to all believers.

No one can stand in front of a Falcon (eagle same)

Therefore try to be a Falcon. Must not be a crow.

O people we must try to have a good mentality. To reach good mentality, we must ask where we can reach a true mentality.

There is a kind of incense. It's name is amber. that amber incense, very expensive. Because that amber may be used only by kings or sultans.

Amber has a speciality.Hard to find.

Reality is through Heavenly Messengers.

Prophecy is not philosopher's level.

Philosophers are cheating you.

Anbiya, Prophets and Seal of Prophets brought Heavenly amber.

There are two kinds of amber. One of them, earthly, One of them Heavenly.
You can find earthly amber everywhere.

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