Sunday, August 1, 2010

Don't make your ego your chairman

July 14th 2010

from my notes:-

People must try to understand the power of Holy Quran!
Say "Audhu billahi minashshaytanir rajeem!"
Run away from bad situation to best situation. Don't stay on bad sitautions. get up from deepest level up to highest level. We have not been created for eating and drinking, and sexual pleasures. That is for animals. We are of human nature.
We have physicl body like animals, but something makes humans separate from animal world.
From beginning up to end our egos trying to be centre for mankind through themselves to be that holy center. There is a chairman, everyone running to be chairman. For everyone there is a chair for their physical bieng.

For animal being or mankind there is a chairman. But Heavenly Bieng can't be chairman, must be 'Arsh' throne for everyone.That throne, such special grant from Allah Almighty to mankind. That is making mankind to be highest level in Divinely Presence. But mankind is generally taking care for the chair. They are not asking for Holy Throne!
Mankind's highest desire to be chairman. Chair for physical being.
But, he has a Throne. That physical being is man's chair.
From birth man only wants to reach that physical chair.
Fighting between physical chair and Heavenly Throne! Heavenly Throne belongs to Heavens!

shaytan says best chairman for you is your ego.
Hadith Sharif
Ayatul Kareema-

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