Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Benefits of The Quranic Stories

Benefits of the Quranic stories , even if Israelis but Mnkerha undermine advocacy.

Accompanied by Maulana Sheikh Nazim glenoid

Monday, 1 Sha'ban 1431 corresponding to July 12 July 2010

There is no god but Allah, there is no god but Allah is no god but Allah, Mohammad is the Messenger of Allaah be upon him blessings and peace. Extended to the possessor of supply. Extended , O Men of God . In such a month -Sharif, the holy month of Sha'ban . Zdh O my Lord out of respect and honor . Z- lover in this blessed month of the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him months Seal of the Prophets Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him .

And Hail the supply of O pole disposed . Oh the time. Provided us with Guys duration of supply in the kingdom this month, Sheriff Shaaban holy . And say : I seek refuge in Allah from Satan the accursed . A group of evil creature. , Which is striving to make people disobey their Lord and Creator .

And say the name of God the Merciful ! Heavenly sword on the necks of Satan and his followers.

Peace be upon you our listeners. Have been a great joy for Mstenain Jalsoa if this statement cyan, the inhabitants of heaven sent to make the people of the earth in pleasure and pleasure and glad tidings through data celestial countless .

But , unfortunately, do not care at all. But do not look after Blmathm physical , not Bbalrohanip . In our era, follow the worst thing in the creation of a devil. Nnsr if we were to follow all the thrill of human -General of all nations. But all the people are concerned by such a Almkdhul .

Hey listeners struggled to pay attention even if a quarter of an hour or half an hour each day to hear good news Ely sanctity, prosper ! It is a statement of divine comes to you . Dear people we are today , or tomorrow, we do not know where we are : on the face of the earth or under the ground? May live 90 years and perhaps you are excused but no one knows you will live after day? Why seek only to enjoy the article ? A very important question : Why do not wake up if we know that we do not for us to ensure I live tomorrow? And no one to give you a guarantee of your life. And insurance companies cheat who hears it. People prostrated themselves and the kings and sultans , it is without them, human beings, all of them do not reflect : Do they have a divine guarantee ?

Jesus Christ ... Huh my good self ! Scientists. If you say : in the life of Jesus Christ and his time ... Now a new Moda do not mind them , doctors Wahhabi and Salafi groups , if you spoke like one in the first two would say : no less! It ISRAELIS ! Do you know anything about the Israeli ? O drunk , not to recite the Quran ? Do not you know that the news people who have passed on ? In particular the news of Israel? No one denies the news of the children of Israel can only shoot down the verses of the Koran and the answer is it! How is this ? But Moda Jdiddp of Doctors of Law and the Salafists and the Wahhabi Socialized Mwssehm and managers of schools to the common folk always object if news came the children of Israel : Let not this Israeli women. How to say this?

Quran for the people of the decree. And they respond by Israeli . Why do not you come in telling them if Khatpettm people, do not you remember their stories? In order to Tkbarham . What ye shall speak no one understood . But if I told people a story easy , story, and Sehtdon Istakimon . As you do not accept your ideas Satanic anything from the era of the children of Israel. Not for you to take something from the book and you return something! Look to the Koran : It is filled with stories from the past.

Tell me : How many of the prophets said the Holy Quran? 28 from the Prophet Adam and the end of our master Muhammad, peace be upon him . Yes, but Do you think that he did not send any other prophet ? Please answer me, I Mtnkm the Warden what extent your knowledge . What names? But, as God said: them unto you and whom you did not Nkss . So why not tell people about their stories and their curricula ? Another question what about the Final Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him . What do you think : Was the last of the Prophets peace be upon him teach or not teach them ? The letter directly to him heavenly them unto you conscience constituents.

This vicinity , in a speech full of God. We sent messengers , from whom we have them and let you know how many of them and how much of the United lend expired . Tqrwnha so like a boy. No. Iqra Quran without you thinking? No. Almighty God said : Book revealed unto thee, Mubarak to ponder its verses and remember the men of understanding. Itdberh revealed to the people. What do you think ? What news of the Seal of the Prophets? And now some of the devils rejects only the book of God does not accept the Hadith I seek refuge in God want to demolish the doctrines of Ahl al-Sunnah and the community. Tell me if you're scientists , what says the Lord of Glory when he said: of them unto you , to a successor eternal Apostles Dear Mr. Muhammad ? God does not address anyone ever ! No, even Gabriel can not take directly from God only through the mode.

Yes, do not like the news of the United quarters. O Salafi scholars what the original intent of the words of God : of them did not Nkss you? Taatvkron do not appreciate it does not reveal this treasure for Tkbarakm , do not you come up with treasures.

(Interpretation :) redeemed , their knowledge, curricula , possible to speak about them. But you did not Nkss : This is a special only to him . Because their names into them all in knowing your peace be upon him . Of them is only for the planet and its people, there is no need to be called by others. Nanfezh you because you are responsible for all creatures . But the United countless creatures in the universe who created you, no one taught them . The only creatures of this planet is not an inventory of number and you are also her teacher.

People think that something that is easy ... Prophecy ... Or to live 1000 years then ended . Did not hear did not ponder the facts , because overworked to understand something about the Lord.

O people, I'm not Bouktaib But even something as simple Vgahtm May you prosper .

Yesterday I saw the news reported Encyclopedia Andromeda galaxy . That they thought of it before in our galaxy and it's only one star . But after the opening of God to people note of the new machines astronomers. They think it is from within our galaxy, the Milky Way , and astronomers discovered it too far. Gargantuan galaxy and it is very great size . And this science has come to ponder the Creator every day that they know the universe is not only Darb Way , but the universe as a whole. To learn something and they may add a small breakthrough for the Creator before the Day of Resurrection .

So my doctors and Salafis, Al-Azhar sheikhs and men of law do not get angry with me. Take nothing but knowledge of the greatness of your Creator , O people. Forgiveness of our Lord by virtue of creation you have supervised . They say religious dialogue , but do not talk about this. Ant does not understand or care about anything none of their statements and Thaoarham not get angry , but on Take something special to this age. Tell me there is no god but God and Muhammad is His Messenger. O Lord Ohina believers and believers, by virtue of our nation sent him from Al-Fatiha .

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