Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mawlana Shaykh Nazim- Jumu'a Khutba- 04016-2010

Audhu billahi minashaitanir rajeem,
We are running to Our Lord's representative for a saving from shaitanic ideas.

Bismilla hir Rahman ir Raheem!
This is enough for putting solutions to whole nations.

But I am sorry to say that every muslim communities, they are asking for support from material life. Material support just given to the Muslim world, beacause they are asking a new life on this Planet.
This planet is very old. They are satying that you must renew this Planet from east to South. But they are not looking at their capacities. They are thinking that thier technologies will save them from thier problems.

I am hearing that there is an Island-  It's name is Islandia (Iceland). I never heard that on Islandia, was a volcano. Never I heard, but these days, I am hearing that volcano on that Island. Just beginning to be active.was sleeping , but awakening. Where is our proud people's power?
They are always proud with thier technology. Where is thier power to know it before or prevent it's irruption?

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