Saturday, May 15, 2010

Heavenly Lights- May 15/2010

Heavenly addressing never going to be wasted. Even if our physical being is not attending, it does not matter. These Heavenly Blessings must reach to everyone's Heavenly Bieng!
Even if we are not paying attention, the souls are taking thier Heavenly shares; but physical bieng not takling care! Mawlana Says- Doesn't matter, still whom they are taking from Heavenly Blessings, they are fine!
Thier bodies never going to be carcass. For those not listening, it is going to be difficult.
As you like! Still heavenly Blessings coming, and never ending!
Therefore, on The Day of Resurrection, those who are listening, they should be like shining Sun, some of them coming like moon in light, some of them coming like lightening stars, some of them coming and thier lights going to be like small stars. So many millions stars through space, but we can't see them. They are so far away. And people they are now on earth, and they are so far away from Prophets' Lights.
They should be near them, but no lLights for them. They should be like dark carbons.

Like Suns, like Moons, like lightening Stars, people coming. They should be happy.
other people, they are asking Lights, on The day of Resurrection.

O salafi ulamas, O .....Ulamas, O shia u;lamas, you are reciting Holy Quran, and Holy Quran saying-
" The day of resurrection coming a veil, and people and people who have Lights, they should be inside.
And coming a wall between the people without Lights and us, the people with Lights.
Day of Resurrection, who are coming with such Lights, even at least size of thumb, they should be happy. and they are enteringto an areathat no one knows. Other people will come after them saying, O our brothers,
O our friends, give us from your Lights, that we may reach to you.
Heavenly attention saying, O people go back and take Lights.

Should be inside heavenly Pleasures and Lights! Who are out of it, asking for some Lights! They should be told to go backand take Lights.There would come a fortress. they have to be outside.You must go back and ask Heavenly Lights.When they go back, it will be so dark.

O people try to take something from these heavenly Lights! He is goin to accept you, with your small Lights. the Lord of heavens, turning your small Lights, into Whole Lights!

O salafi ulama, why are you not giving attention? the day of Resurrection is coming. some people will have Lights some not. Those carrying Heavenly Lights will be on another level of Heavens, that you cannot reach to them, even if you are not carrying the size of a thumb. Why you not warning your people? Do you think that you are in safety now? you think it is not necessary to tell people about it? Why are you not warning about the Day of Resurrection?
Bring some Heavenly Lights from this life, to The day of Resurrection! Why are you not warnign those people about the Day of Resurrestion.

The people who bring Lights, those Lights belong to Prophets. Prophets bring Heavenly Lights to earth! Why are you not taking from these Lights?
Why are you not taking Seal of Prophet's Lights!Why are you following western people?
Why are you not taking The Seal of Prophet's Lights!?
shaitan is trying to extinguish your Lights. Come and take from The Seal of Prophetss Lights! Warn your people. It is not important to be doctors, ulamas. We need to stop and work on enlightened ways, and enlightened territories, and enlightened dominions, of The Seal of Prophets, that he has been given.

Allah Almighty has endless Dominions, and endless Oceans of Creation, but He is not in need! but granting to His Beloved ones, The Most Beloved One, The Seal of Prophets! Whole Dominions granted to The Seal of Prophets!

Allah Almighty is always Creating. Divine Throne is created. Everything is a Grant from Allah Almighty! He os not in need of anything! Everything Created for The Honor of The Seal of Prophets! O My Beloved One, I Created everything for you and created you for Me!
Don't make The Seal of Prophets as yourself. Whole creation, Whole Lights for The sSeal of Prophets!
No one can understand this Honor! Therefore! such a heavenly Grants coming now to whole nations, for understanding Reality and Truth. we need True Ones, who may understand!
O people, come and Bow to The Lord of Heavens!
Allahu Akbar!!!

O our Lord! forgive us and Grant us somethign, that we may inderstand something! O our Lord! forgive us and send us someone who may give us new Openings and Endless Horizons!

Allah Allah  Allah Allah Allah Allah Azeez Allah!
Allah Allah  Allah Allah  Allah allah, Kareem Allah
Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah  SubhanAllah
Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah  Sultan Allah!

Dum dum dum dum
Dum dum dum dum
Dum dum dum dum
Dum dum dum dum


May Allah (swt) give more people to Shaykh Hisham and those who are following  RijalAllah! and Shaykh Hisham May Allah(swt) Bless Him!


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