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Sultan Ul Awliya

Sultan Ul Awliya 22/04/2010
asalaamu alaykum beloved Sultan al Awliya (q) may your ranks increase endlessly, long life ameen

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15:20 ameen

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15:26 ya Rabb destur ya sayyidi madad ya rijaalAllah stands. Allah o Akbar x3 lailah haillallah walahu akbar allah o akbar walilahil hamd. Allah o akbar kabeera wal hamdulillahi kathera ... ya rabi zid habibaka nooran wa suroora wa ridwaanan ...minal azali wal abad, huwa habeebu huwa khaliqatu, ya rabbana for his honor forgive us and blessings us.

15:28 audu... bism.. Maulana sits madad ya rijalAllah.RijaalAllah, ..bism..O our grandshaykh, who he is responsible for every happening on this planet, who teach us something that we may be reaching from one level to another level. O our attenders from Mankind, everyone, hear and listen and obey! We are trying now here to make our rights

15:30 to be obedient for ourselves,yes, obedience. O people now we are asking something for `ulamas for learned people. And we are ssaying marhaban Salafi `ulamas and Wahhabi teachers. To where you reached from heavenly knowledge? You can say? If you are not knowing where are you, you are going to loose your direction.

15:32 Therefore it is something important to know where are you. Madad yaa Sultan al Awliya. You are responsible for every event on this planet particularly about human nature. He has responsibility. Who may understand his responsibility he has an honor. Who knowing his responsibility, if not knowing he has no value.

15:33 Quickly running to the level of animals. Because animals they have no responsibility. Therefore it is an important point that coming now like waves form heavenly ones to make such a declaration. I am only a Hannifiya tap. If they are sedning I may say not sending i dont know but you are not accepting you are saying no we are not taps we are those

15:34 ppl that taps and nawa pipes it is under our control. Can't be. Can't be. To be tap and to be water. To bring water and to open tap, yes. O Wahhabi teachers try to learn something. Leave your bad manners bec u have so manuy bad manners making ppl to run away from islam thefr allah al. taking form your faces noor. No lights on your faces.

15:35 You look like shaytan, shaytan making ppl to run away from islam and u are making with your nonsence declaration to be ppl hating Islam. And running away from Islam bec saying islam such a way taht wahhabi ppl saying we are not accedpting such an islam. A question to wahabbi teachers, leave now salafi teacher, leave them to rest tonigh, .. my

15:37 cannons theya re sending to me on my fortress i am making their cannons under my feet and I am nothing.Yes Say? Say? What is your direction? You want to speak on it? Which direction? You know your direction? Do u think that the Seal of P he was using madhab of Wahabbi? Yes?

15:38 Do you think that the Seal of Prophets wasn't knowing about yourselves about Wahhabi sect? And he was saying ...arabic.. arabi or turkish what u are saying? Wahabi ulamas say? This hadith true or not Say? What saying then? Sataftrri kum..saufa in future my nation getting to leave my way that I am on it and my ashaab my companions on it.

15:39 Thru coming times should come some ppl to make the ways of my companions and fololwers they should claim they are on wrong way and MOh abdul wahab brought tru way. From whre u are sayin this and u are handful ppl saying billions are on wrong way. What is that?

15:41 Yes I am weakest one but you know that there is some virus, virus making ppl to fear and it is so small they can't see. They can't see and they are fearing from pig flu. People trembling. They are not fearing from Allah and leaving your hearts closed to the seal of PRop and u are saying kulubuna ghulfun our hearts jus tlocked our hearts only open

15:42 Muhamed Abdul Wahab. We are never accepting what happened. Porp was directing on wrong way and abdul wahab is correcting him? Waht is that look your outlooking never one of you on sunnah. Either your beards or your heads or what u are dressing trouser and putting ties and then driving cars also i think.

15:44 Do you think you have a fatwa from Muh. abdul Wahab that you can ride, you can take a car ..model. Now 2010's new model Yes we are saying "we must drive this" such a.. why not saying bec Muhamed Abdul Wahab was riding on camels and you are asking to ride cars? Why you are not taking camels thru streets of leave Makkah Medina but in Riyadh

15:45 why u are not riding on camel. ...not sunatun sayyidil awaleen wal akhireen but Muh. Abd Wahab he was riding on cars or camel why u are not folwing him. Allah looking and Allah knowing and Allah giving judgement on you and making your madhab it is not on haqq madhab to be nothing. Yes what is your direction? For learning, Yes?

15:46 Why you are learning, what is your aim? And what is your direction? To where you are directing people? Alif, heavenly knowledge, directing people to dunya or to akhirat, say? Say to people o ppl the Lord of Heavens directing you to dunya not to Maula. That was main goal of the Seal of P. (stands) Say. Muh i know u are getting v angry when i am

15:48 standing up if my Lord gives me 100 years age and i am asking to stand up for the holy name of the seal of Prop. sits. Who he was directing ppl to where? To Maulan or dunya. where are u wahabi teachers, i am not saying to ulama cause =you know nothing. Because the Seal of Prop was directing ppl that u are not directing ppl on that direction. You

15:49 are using much more fashionable dressings. Why u are not using servants why not puttin on head tijanul arab turbans,.. tht is hadith or I am writing it. Prop pbuh saying al amaim tijanul arab. Where is arab whre seal of Prop directing ppl where are you adn he is saying halikul... why dressing trousers? Why you are putting ties? Why? Why not using

15:51 amaaim and look ahlul Sunnah putting taj ul Islam u are getting so angry bec we are taking this (removes turban, combing hair) rasulAllah he was in such a way? Making his head with comb? Why using whree is sunnah?..arabic..or you are saying mawdu? You are mawdu. InshaAllah I am weakest one for ummah I am making your no madhab way under my feet.

15:53 (Ameen) if looking someone taking so scared for him, taking ..wear your crowns your tijaans no crowns? YOU understand holy quraan. Holy Quran saying for the battle of Badr, that Allah Al. yamudu ashaban nabi bil malaaikati..musawameen..bec angels that coming the day of battle of Badr just coming from sama from heavens on their horses musawameen

15:54 that edge of their turbans like this. Prop s. seeing he also making the edge of his turban and saying O my are knowing something? Not knowing anything. Someone comes for teaching you, that you are not happy with that one. Happy or unhappy doesn't matter. This is heav. declaration. To where u are directing ppl?

15:56 O wahabbi teachers to where to dunya or to Maula? All of you for dunya working not for Maula and the Seal of P (stands) he was directing his nation to heavens not to dunya to mawla not dunys (sits) try to learn wahabi teachers and wahabi followers..arabic my arab language v. short but u can understand. May Allah forgive us. O ppl you must know yo

15:58 Yes sir I know nothing. I know nothing. He knows and His representative Habeeb knows and his inheritors know. But my level on zero level and I am bombaring on my level ppl whom are on zero level. I am not claiming they are on other level no on same level therefore I am bombarding them.

15:59 Maulana Shaykh Hisham on phone. MashaAllah munawwar munawwar Sayyidi....

16:0 Thank you Sayyidi ya Sultan. Happy Birthday, we love you and pray for your long life, ameen

16:0 Thank you Mawlana Shaykh Hisham and dearest Hajjah thank you for this eternal gift. long life ameen

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16:3 InshaAllah those planted roses give millions more ameen

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